A blonde and a brunette are spending a day off together at the local lake.

Since they're alone, they decide to go skinny dipping and enjoy the beautiful weather.

After frolicking around for 30 minutes or so, they decide they have had enough fun.

Just as they emerge from the water, two buses pull up, parking right in front of them. 

To their shock and horror, the buses were full of men from the local church which they both attend.

With no-where to hide and their clothes out of reach, the blonde tries in vain to cover her private-parts and dashes for cover. 

The brunette instead covers her face and runs after the blonde.

As they get out of view, the blonde says, "Gosh, how will you ever face those men in church now? You didn't even try and cover your womanhood!"

To which the brunette responds,

"Well I don't know about you, but those men only recognize me by my face."