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  1. An engineer, recently passed, could not be located in heaven.. St.Peter called in all of his staff. There is a recently deceased engineer not yet registered, as we know engineers are good people, so he should have come to us! Locate him. having no success , he then enquired down in hell, "hello Devil, its St. Peter here. I'm missing an engineer, is it possible he may have gone to you by mistake?' Yeah, he is here, replied dev, and you are not getting him! I now have air conditioning in my office, that's cool. We , also have cold beer, you will not be getting him up there, I'm keeping him! to that st. Peter replied , if you don't send him up here where all good people belong,I'LL SUE YOU, ENGINEERS ARE GOOD, HE SHOULD BE UP HERE! With that Dev replied go for it, but where are you going to find a Lawyer?