A husband and wife were walking down a high street when the wife 

spots a beautiful diamond necklace in a jewelry store window. She 

urges her husband to go inside so that she can take a look at it. 

Although she wants it, he simply doesn’t have to buy it for her, but 

he promises that it’ll be hers one day. A month passes, and the wife 

is at home wondering where on earth her husband is. She angrily 

calls his cell phone. “Where the hell are you?” she asks. “Darling, 

you remember that jewelry store where you saw the diamond 

necklace and totally fell in love with it, and I didn’t have money that 

time, and I said ‘Baby it’ll be yours one day’?” “Yeah, I remember 

that my love!” she replies, smiling and blushing profusely as she 

does. “I’m in the bar just next to that shop.”  

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