The Grandmother of a just got married grandson 

phoned that he was coming to present his beautiful

 lovely wife to grandma. The delighted Grandma 

started giving instructions how to come to their high 

rise colony retirement Apartment. She started

 blabbering, “When you come to the front door of the

 apartment building inside vestibule, My son there is a 

push button, push it with your Elbow, I will hear and 

open the door from my apartment for you. You will 

hear the pi……pi buzz. You push the door with your 

Elbow and open. Enter and walk to the Elevator. Push 

the UP button with your Elbow and elevator opens. 

Enter. Push the #4 button with your Elbow carefully

 and elevator comes to fourth floor. Walk to the room 

number 420 and push the button with your Elbow. I 

will open the door for you.” The polite grand son said, 

“Dear Grand Ma, my wife and I can handle all these, 

we have been born here. Don’t worry. But explain one

 thing, why do you want me to push all the buttons 

with my Elbow.” * * * * * * * * * * The Grandma 

yelled, “What? Shameless, are you coming without 

gifts in your hands for Grandma?” 

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