This lady that was wearing a tight 

skirt was waiting at the bus stop to get 

onto the bus. A bus pulled up and the 

driver opened the doors. She tried to 

step up onto the step but her skirt was 

too tight. So she reached back to unzip 

and loosen it a little. She tried to steup 

onto the steps again. But it was still to 

tight. She reached back and unzipped 

some more. Tried to step up again and 

the skirt was still to tight. She tried one 

more time. She reached back and 

unzipped some more. And she still 

couldn’t get up onto the bus. So this 

man behind her reaches and grabs her 

by the butt. He gives her a boost onto 

the bus. She turns around and slaps him 

and saying “What do you think you are 

doing.” Well the man says:

* * “Well lady after you unzipped my 

pants for the third time I thought we 

was acquainted.” 

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