A primary one teacher was speaking to her class on the first day of term.

“Alright class, I’d like everyone to tell me what they did over the summer holiday. Remember, you’re not at nursery any more, so you need to use grown up words now. Jamie, you go first.”

So Jamie excitedly stood up and said:

“I went on a choo-choo!”

The teacher grimaced and replied:

“No Jamie, you rode on a train. Remember, grown-up words. Sarah, you next. What did you do?”

Sarah stood up and exclaimed:

“I went to see my granny!”

Again the teacher pulled a face and said:

“No Sarah, you went to visit your Grandmother. You’re not in nursery any more, no baby words please. Johnny, let’s hear you?”

Little Johnny got up and said:

“I read a book!”

The teacher smiled.

“Very good Johnny! Can you remember what the book was called?”

Little Johnny smiled with confidence and proudly shouted:

“Winnie the SH!T!”


A Primary One Teacher Was Speaking To Her Class On The First Day Of Term.

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