A couple of dogs got out of their yard and went on a bit of adventure. 

They stopped by a Pharmacy in a Medical Office Building. The pharmacists were caught off guard by the little visitors.

The dogs were well-behaved and were reunited with their owner.

The hospital that runs the office building posted this video and added a description of the incident:

St. Luke’s Anderson Campus is considered one of the most patient friendly and patient accessible hospitals in the region. And pet friendly? We had unexpected visitors at the Anderson Campus last week! Two dogs strolled into HomeStar Pharmacy in Anderson’s Medical Office Building. Imagine our Pharmacists surprise when she noticed who was waiting to be helped! We are happy to report we were able to safety transport the dogs out of the hospital! The dogs enjoyed the accessibility and welcoming employees at St. Luke’s Anderson campus!

We’d say these unexpected visitors probably gave everybody a laugh.

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